Williams Pinball WPC-89/WPC-95 Battery  Eliminator  Daughtercard


What is it?

It is a daughtercard that plugs into the MPU card's 6809E processor socket on Williams/Bally Pinball machines built between 1989 and 1999. (WPC Era machines: WPC-89 / WPC-95)
The card contains a Ramtron FRAM (NVRAM) chip that eliminates the need for the MPU's AA-batteries to retain SRAM game settings, audits, and high scores when the game is powered off.

What is does not do:

Back of card.
Double stacked 0.020" machined headers.
The extra height is required to clear the game code EPROM.


Installed on wpc89 card.
Red circle around header for cloning game SRAM to FRAM

WPC-95 with batteries.


WPC-95 with daughtercard installed.

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